The Vanguard Leader: Great Leaders Lead from the Front
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“Leaders aren't Just born, 
They're Made."
The Vanguard Leader promises to take you on a journey toward personal transformation that leads to maximizing your leadership effectiveness.

As you read about Dr. Valmyr's leadership journey you will discover the transformative power of "Leading Well Where It Matters Most"..

This book will heighten your level of leadership awareness and equip you to effect lasting change within your own context.

It will teach you how to get started and give you the confidence to lead from the front-regardless of your background, economic circumstances, or leadership acumen. 

If you want to change your life for the better, apply the principles in The Vanguard Leader.
           William Valmyr
William Valmyr (Ph.D., D.Min.) is a practical teacher, minister, leadership trainer, and consultant.  He is the CEO of Transformational Leadership, LLC and the President of Higher Call Ministries International. A certified trainer, speaker, and coach with the John Maxwell Team, he is also an educational and leadership consultant to various institutions (non-profit and for-profit organizations). He serves as an adjunct professor at Broward College, Southeastern University, and Jakes Divinity School. 
"Transformational Leadership will empower you to get out of your comfort zone as you discover the power of proactive leadership."
Dr. Antipas L. Harris

"Leadership is a crucial topic today. Dr. William Valmyr rises to the opportunity to equip this generation of vanguard leaders for a necessary type of leadership – transformational leadership. He has not only attended brilliantly to the topic; he has outlined a training resource to equip leaders for such a time as this.”

Antipas L. Harris, D.Min., Ph.D.
President of The Urban Renewal Center and Author.
leading well
where it matters most.
Vanguard Leaders are needed in the family unit to ensure that there is structure and a sense of urgency to pass on values and general blessings.

Leadership matters in the classroom because the education of the human mind is a living work in progress that produces growth on the road to maturity as the next generation of leaders is being groomed to become produce citizens.

Leadership matters in the sciences because we need twenty-first century leaders who can lead us into the next wave of advancements in technology, innovation, engineering, physical sciences, organic sciences, and biological sciences.

Leadership matters in faith communities and in the public square.

Leadership matters when dealing with the various challenges in the humanities, including economics, politics, religion, and other human enterprises (ethical, cultural, and social justice issues).

Leadership matters in world conflicts, financial crises, and global pandemics.
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